General information

Team name: Eduro Team/CULS
Institution: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Department: Faculty of Engineering

Kamycka 129

165 21 Praha 6 - Suchdol

Czech Republic

Team details

Mentors: Martin Dlouhy
Members: Stanislav Petrasek, Josef Novy

Robot – basic information

Web page:  


(W × L × H)

38cm x 65cm x 64cm  
Weight: 22kg  
Num. of wheels: 3 Turning radius: 0
Rain resistance: partial    

Robot – mechanical details

Drive concept: tri-cycle
Steering: differential
Special characteristics:  

Robot – electrical details

Powered by: Two Pb battery, 12V/8Ah  
Motors: 2x SMAC (Stepper Motor Adaptive Control)  
Controller: AMD Geode CPU, CAN  
Sensors: Camera: yes Compass: yes  
Ultrasonic:   Gyroscope:    
Infrared:   Accelerometer:    
Laser: yes Mechanical:    
Communication: CAN - RS232    

Robot – Software

Operating system: Linux
Programed in: Python
Tools: OpenCV

Robot – Strategy

1st task:

Depending on the height of plants camera or laser will be used to recognize the

left/right plants. They will define obstacles and in given radius (say 1 meter) is selected the biggest gap where to navigate.

2nd task:

Laser is used for obstacle detection. If thegap is smaller than robot width it will

turn in place and return in the same row.

3rd task: Task 1 with plant detection, log files post-processing into map
Free style: Cooperation with an autonomous drone

Robot – Investment

Work hours: Hard to count
Sponsored by: RobSys

Problems / Challenges