General information

Team name: Team Floribot
Institution: Heilbronn University
Department: Faculty mechanics and electronics
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team details

Mentors: B.Eng. Michael Gysin
Members: Benedict Bauer

Robot – basic information

Web page: www.floibot.de


(W ×L ×H)

ca. 41 cm × 48 cm × 40 cm
Weight: ca. 25 kg
Num. of wheels: 3 Turning radius: ca. 30 cm
Rain resistance: A little    

Robot – mechanical details

Drive concept: differential drive
Special characteristics: Differential wheeled robot made of aluminium profiles.

Robot – electrical details

Powered by: NiMH Akku
Motors: Ebmpapst BCI geared motor (worm drive)
Controller: Sabertooth 2x25
Sensors: Camera: Webcam Compass: -
Ultrasonic: - Gyroscope: -
Infrared: - Accelerometer: -
Laser: Hokuyo laser range Mechanical:  
Other: incremental encoder
Communication: WLAN

Robot – Software

Operating system: Xubuntu
Programed in: C
Tools: Matlab Simulink
Other: Code generated from Simulink model in conjunction with ROS drivers.

Robot – Strategy

1st task: Essential strategy: potential field method
2nd task: potential field method with advanced logic
3rd task: Same as 1st task with image acquisition
Free style: -

Robot – Investment

Work hours: lots
Components: 10.000 €
Other: -
Sponsored by: -

Problems / Challenges