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General information

Team name: Biosystems Engineering
Institution: Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, University of Maribor
Department: Biosystems Engineering
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team details


Miran Lakota,

Jurij Rakun, Peter Berk

Members: Jo┼że Kraner, Miran Purgaj

Robot – basic information

Web page: fkbv.um.si:84


(W ×L ×H)

40 x 60 x 40 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Num. of wheels: 4 Turning radius: 120 cm
Rain resistance: Moderate rain    

Robot – mechanical details

Drive concept: Four wheel drive
Steering: Two-axes steering
Special characteristics: /

Robot – electrical details

Powered by: 3 LiPo Battery packs (two 3S, one 2S)
Motors: 3 phase motor – X-power eco A4130-06BL

On board computer Nitrogen6x (ARM-Cortex A9) and a

Peripheral expansion board  - AVR ATMEGA 128

Sensors: Camera: DBK31UA03 Compass: Venus638FLPx
Ultrasonic: / Gyroscope: /
Infrared: / Accelerometer: /
Laser: TiM300 Mechanical: /
Other: GPS HMC6352
Communication: WiFi, RS232

Robot – Software

Operating system: Linux + ROS, custom written software
Programed in: C/C++
Tools: Kdevelop, Atmel Studio
Other: /

Robot – Strategy

1st task: By using custom developed SLAM navigation algorithm + our own navigation control node for navigating trough the maze.
2nd task: As in the 1st task + additional node for pattern based driving.
3rd task: As in the 1st task + colour based segmentation.
Free style: Will not be attending this year.

Robot – Investment

Work hours: We are not counting anymore J
Components: 5000 eur
Other: 1000 eur
Sponsored by: SICK, The Imaging Source, Boundary Devices

Problems / Challenges

Turning radius.