1.) How to get from the airport to the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences?

If you are travelling by plane and you need a transportation from and to the airport, we recommend that you ask at GoOpti. Thay will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the Faculty.

2.) How will the pots/maize be positioned on the grass? Do we need to adjust the hight of the sensor? 

We are planning to drill a hole for each pot. The edge of the pot will be just bellow the surface of the soil. We will add some extra soil on top of each pot, so the robots will not get stuck. The hight of the maize should not change to much by doing so.

3.) Our robot will have to cameras. Can the robot turn in every second row in the 3rd task?

Of course. The gole of this task is to build a map of the field and to treate dried/damaged (painted) plants. So the robot can skip evey second row as long as it records/treats two sides at once.