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 The location of the 1st and 2nd task:


Note: The maize plants will be burried in soil. The maize will stay in the pots, but the pots will be covered with soil.

The location of the 3rd task:


Note: Some of the plant will be colored brown using ordinary spray paint (Dupli Color spray (Motip Dupli GmbH), RAL 8017, ord. no. 584916).

 The corn seeds are planted (date: 4-5-2015)

DSC 0193

DSC 0197

A special thanks goes to our students (Biosystems enginnering) that helped us plant the seeds.

Corn plants after 25 days (date: 29-5-2015)

corn29 5 1

corn29 5 2

The current hight of the maize is around 20 cm. Please note due to stability / redundancy most of the pots include 2 maize plants.

 An example of painted corn plants

DSC 0201

DSC 0202

DSC 0208

Test row

As there are many questions regarding the field, we have planted two short rows of corn in order to test the "maize in pots plan". The pots are compleatly covered with soil with a few rocks on top (due to the type of soil).

DSC 0235

Plotting and planting

The rows have been plotted and holes drilled. First maize plants will be planted by the end of the week.

1st and 2nd task:

DSC 0118

1st task:

DSC 0121

2nd task:

DSC 0120

And finnaly the planted "fields":

DSC 0155 copy

DSC 0159 copy

DSC 0162 copy

DSC 0164 copy